Early designs

Early designs

FrameMonkey | Gif Creation on the iPhone, Finally

June 2013 - February 2015

GIFs, man.

Before GIFs became the form of viral internet memes, before GIFs were used on 39.2% of all websites, and before any major social networks supported GIFs, FrameMonkey was born in attempt to become the "home" of GIFs.

FrameMonkey was founded with the intent to first launch a GIF creation app on iPhone to gain user-traction and built momentum around GIFs. Ultimately, the plan was it to evolve into a place where people share their creations.


In August 2013, FrameMonkey grew to a team of two as a technical co-founder joined the team.

The design challenge was to build a structure that introduced the then foreign format of GIFs, enabled easy edibility, and allowed for future expansion and features while keeping everything straightforward and quick. Everything had to be seamless, and it was important to cater to the clueless, than to the power-users.

We were able to develop a GIF creation algorithm that allowed for conversion from video to GIF on iPhone with conversion times much faster than any competition which was key to popularizing the new format.


February 2015: FrameMonkey was shut down due to lack of technical progress.

FrameMonkey will become the home and future of animations on the web. Liam’s vision is to revolutionize the way we share multimedia online.
— 2015 Fukuoka Ruby Award Winners

Note: It's amazing to look back to this project. This was my first entrepreneurship journey and was my introduction to design (I began this project when I was 13 years old).