Instagram Redesign

February 2015

Instagram has forever been one of my favorite apps. However, when you do a little bit of research, you find that users have been asking for specific features that seem quite ideal. This sparked the idea to redesign Instagram, and began it with the goal to make things within the app more fun, incorporate leading edge interactions, and most importantly, include asked for features.

Adding to Collections

While researching, I found that one of the most asked for features was to include collection functionality (functionality that allowed users to create collections from photos). The main goal was to add this functionality while avoiding distracting the the user from their content. 

A simple right swipe feature did the trick.

New Navigation

A full Tab Bar felt very heavy on the bottom of the screen; the Tab Bar also minimized the amount of viewable content to the user. While exploring new navigation options, I found this solution that allowed for quick access to different parts of the app and refrained from distracting the user by taking up a lot of space.

A Little "Jazz"

Why not?


August 2014

The Spotify redesign is based on one key assumption: the majority of Spotify sessions are started with the intent to make a specific action (play a song, genre, album, click shuffle). 

The design challenge: what type of experience would reflect a user base with initial intended actions even before they open the app. In other words, all of your users have intent and aren't necessarily interested in other options/functionality.

The solution: create a gesture based interface that allows for users to learn and assign specific gestures to get to certain playlists, albums, artists, or specific actions. There's no hunting down the things that you want.

Note: This redesign is very radical - it is meant to push the boundaries and be more conceptual than anything else.


Figuring out how the different gestures can work with each other and against each other. Finding the spots where the gestures overlap.

Now Playing

Swift and quick gestures to help you get to where you need to get. This approach also helps users who are multitasking and don't have the concentration to tap a pause or skip button. 


Searching a List

Jump to a letter in a alphabetical list by drawing the letter onto the screen. For instance, in order to get to the "L" section, simply draw with your finger "L" on the list and it'll shoot you right to the L section.

Facebook Messenger

February 2014

Redesign link on Messenger