What's This App About?

Text2Cal | Instant Scheduling from SMS on Android

January 2015

Although most of my projects orient around design, this project had much less to do with design and instead, technology. Text2Cal was built on the vision of an instantaneous calendar planner based off of SMS. Image a world where you could ask a friend to "Get lunch at 1 in downtown" and instantly get a notification asking to add the event to your calendar with date, time, and even an event name. 


To build something like this is very complex. The software must be able to recognize event names, times, and dates from any and all of your text messages. Although the challenge is greatly simplified when the system is asked to interpret a SMS like "Let's get lunch today at 1", it must also be able to extract from SMSs like "Hey John! Do you want to get lunch next Saturday @12 in downtown and maybe check out that gallery after?". 

I was able to develop a system that got the product to a useable point - however, it was not perfect.

Text2Cal's "engine" was mostly built off of text pattern recognition using a part-of-speech library and simple String recognition. It was then interpreted by a developer that I managed and implemented into an Android app that took incoming and outgoing SMS in the background. Along with the engine, we were able to build an elaborate notification system that asked the user when it was unsure about certain variables (for instance, if you want to "hangout at 12", is that 12pm or am?), and allowed the user to create accurate calendar events without leaving their messaging app.

Text2Cal went into Beta and was tested on multiple devices. 


Update June 2015: Text2Cal was acquired by an indivisual who wanted to develop the technology.