The History of Skittles

Everyday we consume our food and go about our lives. Yet behind each piece of food we eat, there is a hidden history. Each vegetable, piece of candy, and slice of bread has a unique origin story that, over time, has often been forgotten or disregarded.

Skittles might not be everyone’s favorite candy, but the chewy, fruit flavored pellets are undoubtedly one of the most popular candies in the United States. From its ambiguous conception to its mass production in America, skittles has one of the most enigmatic histories of any candy on the market.

In the first installment of “The History Of” Series Liam Shalon and Leila Tjiang delve into the mysterious origin story behind Skittles.

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The History of English

This message is being conveyed to you in the English language. English, as a form of communication, is an essential part of life for billions of people around the world. But, do you know the origins of the language?

We’re going to reveal the secrets of the English language by traveling back in time. We will begin with the early years of the common era and travel towards the 20th century. Most importantly, we will discuss the future of our language and what new factors will influence its evolution.

In the second instalment of “The History Of” series, producers Liam Shalon and Leila Tjiang delve into the ancestry of the English language.